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Elina Fedorova

Creator and mastermind of the Wispence platform

Elina created a formula to achieve great levels of health and beauty which is based on 4 elements: training, nutrition, mental health, and proper sleep.
She connected with skilled American nutritionists, psychologists, and Hollywood trainers who shared their knowledge and experience with Wispence. Together with this team of professionals, Elina shot unique effective workout videos, created tasty healthy recipes, and recorded meditations.
The Wispence platform combines the newest trends drawn together from the sports industry, nutrition experts, and inner healthy gurus. Wispence has already inspired thousands of women who are improving their lives every day.
Now, it’s your turn!
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These videos give you a preview of our workout programs


Our very own encyclopedia of nutrition featuring videos and articles on health as well as a delicious and diverse menu containing over 500 recipes, broken down by calories


Relaxing audio meditations that will help you alleviate stress and find harmony


A complete guide to the science of sleep featuring techniques that help achieve quality rest by removing sleep blocks/issues

No matter what your training experience level is, our program selects the proper exercise load for you. Plus we track your result, allowing you to achieve your personal goals

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App Reviews

Mary Senn

Mary Senn

It was difficult for me to train regularly because of my constant travels and flights. But the platform Wispen...


Ruslana Gee

video blogger

From the very first day of Wispence launch I trained with the platform and I can say there is no such approach like Elina's anywhere! After each workout I was tired, but I was very happy! Moreover, I got results in the first week already! I think every girl should at least try such training (but I'm sure you won’t stop).

Yulia Saparniiazova

Yulia Saparniiazova

Wispence is wow! It's very convenient that everything is collected on one platform, and you no longer need to...

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