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About Our Platform

  • WiSPENCE was developed by consulting with the top trainers, nutritionists, psychologists, and life coaches in the world.
  • We provide our users with the best cutting-edge materials in the fields of human physiology and psychology, as well as helpful tips and life hacks on training, diet, meditation, sleep habits, and more.
  • Our mission is to help people to improve the quality of their lives by giving them the tools they need to transform their bodies and minds.


Experience our diverse slate of workout programs

  • Fitness

  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Pilates

We will push your body to new levels and help you get in the best shape of your life.

Our platform will analyze your results and keep you on track.

WiSPENCE trainers


Mark Harley
Personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach based in Los Angeles.


Elina Fedorova
Professional model and blogger. Since 2014 Elina has been working with top trainers in Hollywood and studying about healthy nutrition and sports.


Ash Lanzilotti
Hollywood top trainer and Yoga Alliance Certified Professional. Ash has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and believes that our healing comes from within.


Andrew Herring
Professional pilates trainer for 11 years, also ballet dancer and athlete in the past. Andrew founded his own studio in Los Angeles.

Weight Trainings

Chaun Williams
Trainer from Las Vegas and artist of the Circus du Soleil. The author of the book "Physique" and his own approach to training.

Stretching yoga

Amy Harrington
Gymnast and professional dancer. Stretching and yoga coach in Los Angeles for over 30 years.


Mark Harley
Personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach based in Los Angeles.


Elina Fedorova
Professional model and blogger. Since 2014 Elina has been working with top trainers in Hollywood and studying about healthy nutrition and sports.


Achieve a healthy, sustainable, proper diet

Practical advice

  • We will put you on the road to wellness by helping you instill nutritious eating habits which will greatly improve your overall health

500+ recipes":

  • options for weight loss, weight gain or maintenance
  • featuring a traditional menu
  • plus vegan and vegetarian menu

For each recipe

  • We indicate the total number of calories per meal
  • We provide you with the percentages of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other trace elements

Meal Analytics

  • Helps you stay on track eating healthy meals
  • Helps to provide you with healthy menu options that will help you reach your goals


Relaxing audio meditations that will help you alleviate stress and find inner peace

  • build a harmonious relationship with yourself
  • uncover your true desires
  • improve decision making
  • find balance in life
  • discover a deeper sense of self awareness

The WiSPENCE Knowledge Base

Learn life hacks and tips to help you better navigate through the world. Our platform features a treasure chest full of useful "videos and articles about":

  • proper nutrition
  • keeping an active lifestyle
  • sleep ecology
  • psychology, self-development, and personal effectiveness

Develop healthier habits by using the Wispense platform.


Evaluate your lifestyle effectively through our analytics system
The WiSPENCE platform analyzes the results of your daily habits.

You can always track your progress in the «Analytics» section which will help you make adjustments to your lifestyle in order to ensure that you stay on track to achieving your goals.
    Learn to control your
    • Training
    • Activity
    • Nutrition

    • Mood
    • Health
    • Sleep
    the results
    Improve your daily
    Consistently move
    toward your goals

WiSPENCE is available on all devices

WiSPENCE has a mobile app!

Wherever you are, our platform is always at hand. Download and install the WiSPENCE app on your smartphone today!
  • The WiSPENCE app features a huge recipe database which will help you comfortably transition to a healthy diet.
  • Wherever you find yourself, you can always listen to calming audio meditations on our app, which will help you relax and decompress.
  • Enjoy our yoga classes which are designed to help you increase strength and flexibility plus restore your energy.
  • Set up notifications and receive reminders, which will let you know when you should exercise, eat, drink water, meditate, and sleep.
  • With the WiSPENCE mobile app, you can fully customize your daily schedule and sleep patterns.
  • We've made the WiSPENCE platform available on smart TV, so now you can watch our workouts on the big screen!

People Are Talking About WiSPENCE

Mary Senn

Mary Senn

It was difficult for me to train regularly because of my constant travels and flights. But the platform WiSPENCE solved...


Ruslana Gee

video blogger

From the very first day of WiSPENCE launch I trained with the platform and I can say there is no such approach like Elina's anywhere! After each workout I was tired, but I was very happy! Moreover, I got results in the first week already! I think every girl should at least try such training (but I'm sure you won’t stop).

Yulia Saparniiazova

Yulia Saparniiazova

WiSPENCE is wow! It's very convenient that everything is collected on one platform, and you no longer need to spend time...

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The aim of our service is to improve the quality of life and health. Please consult with a healthcare specialist before using the platform regarding the characteristics of your health conditions and contraindications.

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