A subscription to Wispence is the best gift you can give

Your present will give someone a smart assistant for a healthy and conscious life

Gift someone a subscription to Wispence

Your friend will receive dozens of workouts, hundreds of useful recipes, meditations and exercises
1 month
3 months
$12.66/month (15% Discount)
12 months
$7.91/month (47% Discount)

How it works

Choose a subscription and pay
Receive an email with a gift code *
* We create each certificate manually and with love ❤️ A letter with the gift will be sent within 24 hours.
Then you can present the certificate to a friend
Your friend then can enter the promo code anytime on the Wispence site and starts training


What is Wispence?
Wispence is your personal assistant for creating a beautiful and healthy body. Our platform includes dozens of fitness programs from American trainers, hundreds of recipes for proper nutrition, tons of meditations, and lots of exercises for every level. Wispence will select the training program you need, help you determine your target daily calorie intake and inspire you to reach your goals!
What does a gift subscription look like?
An online certificate that you can email your friend or print and hand to them.
How long is a gift certificate valid?
The certificate is valid for one year after purchase.
How do I activate a certificate?
To activate the certificate, go to wispence.com and register or log into your personal account. Go to the Subscription tab and find the Redeem Code section. Enter the gift code in the special field and click "Activate." Done!
Is it possible to return a certificate?
Certificates are not returnable.
Is it possible to transfer a certificate?
If the individual promo code has not yet been activated, then you can transfer a certificate. Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, you will receive a certificate by mail, and then you can send the gift certificate to anyone you’d like. If you have already accrued subscription days, then the promotional code becomes inactive, so in that case it will not be possible to transfer the certificate.
How to buy a subscription for yourself?
You can buy a subscription or activate a certificate in your own account.

The aim of our service is to improve the quality of life and health. Please consult with a healthcare specialist before using the platform regarding the characteristics of your health conditions and contraindications.

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