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TOP-9 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

Scientists attribute the positive effect of meditation to the neuroplasticity of the brain. What new discoveries in the study of meditation have scientists discovered over the past few years?


How Can Massage Help My Health and Wellbeing

Massage is not only a way to relax and distract yourself. During the session, a huge amount of work takes place in the body, which has a positive effect on the physical and mental state of a person.


Psychology of Weight Loss

It is not enough to change the diet to lose weight, you need the right attitude. How does the psychology of weight loss work and why does a person break down?

Fruits and Berries

Top 12 Healthy Fruits and Berries

Fruits and berries are a healthy substitute for sugar. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and fiber and have a positive effect on digestion and skin condition.


What Causes Excessive Sweating?

Sweating is a healthy natural process, but increased sweating is not always necessary for our body. What are the main causes of increased sweating and how can this problem be solved?


8 Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

Most of the waste from coffee is usually thrown away by people, but the coffee grounds can be reused. We talked about the options for the" second life " of coffee grounds.


Cardio vs. Weight Lifting: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Do I need to do cardio to lose weight? Learn about the benefits and features of strength training and cardio for weight loss, so you can determine which type of activity is right for you.


How to let go of the past

Letting go of the past is difficult. How can you leave your worries behind and start reacting in a new way to what is happening here and now?


Foods to gain weight quickly

Lack of weight is the same unhealthy state of the body as obesity. It can be difficult to solve the problem with a lack of kilograms. What foods should I eat to gain weight quickly and safely?


Knee pain from squatting

During squats, a person should not experience discomfort and pain. However, knee pain when squatting is one of the most common problems. How to prevent knee pain and how to cope with the disease?


Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity-an obsession with positive thinking, when any negative emotions are suppressed-rejects complex emotions in favor of a false-positive facade. What are the risks behind this thinking?


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